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Expert Manipulative Massage Automation (EMMA)

How EMMA works

EMMA is fully automated back massage robot which is equipped with sensors to measure muscle stiffness and uses 3D vision technology to analyze the customer’s body. This data can enhance our customer’s understanding of the condition and allow massage therapists to make more precise judgment as well.

Human Touch

EMMA executes massages through soft treatment modules that are warmed to a temperature of between 38℃ and 40℃ to mimic human touch.


With EMMA, the quality of the massage treatments would be assured and constantly the same. 


Your safety is of utmost importance to us.


Besides having multiple layers of safety mechanisms in our hardware and software, EMMA displays its own proprietary technology and algorithm in addition to the existing global safety standards for collaborative robots.


The force exerted by EMMA has been limited to a maximum of 100 Newtons – an impact that will feel no more painful than getting struck by a lift door (commonly 150 Newtons). Our customers can rest assure that the typical force applied during massages only ranges from between 20 Newtons to 80 Newtons, with 60 Newtons providing our users with an optimal experience. ​


In addition, our massage therapists have control over EMMA’s features during the entire massage treatment. On top of being able to adjust the strength of the robot, our massage therapists also have the ability to halt the procedure any time you wish, in the event of any discomfort.

Division of the back  

​------- into 3 sections

The so-called "partial triple energizer" theory holds that the triple energizer is not an independent organ,

but a special concept used to divide human body parts.


According to the distinction of Sanjiao as upper, middle, and lower, the human body is divided into three physiological and pathological areas: upper, middle, and lower, and the important internal organs of the human body are governed by these three areas, as shown in the figure.





Large and Small Intestines




Dredge meridian blockages and dissipate blood stagnation. Relieve the pressure on the neck and shoulders to achieve physical and mental comfort. Meantime, improve one's breathing.


Reduce swelling and exhaust, help the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, and achieved smooth circulation of Qi and blood throughout the body.



Improve the symptoms of lower back pain and knee pain. Help the blood circulation of the legs,
to reach our bodies' fullest potential.

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